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  The present productions include the whole period of the history of Murano Glass ranging from glasses blown in various styles "reticello", "zamfirico" and the reproductions of various MASTERPIECES kept in MUSEUMS all over the world...Now Venetian Collectibles give you the opportunity to own your unique and AUTHENTIC MURANO GLASS MASTERPIECE!
  The art of glass-making carries an extensive history which existed for thousands of years. However this art still remains, yet to be discovered by many people. Venetian Collectibles is now able to bring this exquisite and refined craftsmanship to the entire World!
  Venice is a City which prides herself on having the longest glass-making tradition in all Europe. The earliest document attesting the presence of Glassmakers in Venice dates back to 982 A.D. Murano, the lagoon, is one of many Venice Lagoon settlements that has still today the exclusive domain of Venetian Glass Production.
  Venetian Glass-making is the heir to the most refined Islamic and Byzantine Glass-making traditions famous since the Middle Ages for the highest quality of its craftsmanship today.

  Venetian glassworks continue to produce the blown pieces which carry the emblem of timeless elegance immortalized by Titian, Varonesse, Tintoretto and Caravaggio in their paintings. Venetian Collectibles offers you the finest and exclusive yet elaborate delicately exquisite pieces of art in glass hand-crafted works by our own highly skilled and qualified local glassblowers, maestros and assistants. These maestros create masterpieces with the uncommon finesse of manual precision. The team existing of ten men are whole heartedly committed to the highest level of quality and beauty in the absolute respect of tradition.
   This tradition of Glass-making is a crucible of secrets passed down from father to son, which creates a combination of tradition... Yet always remains young, fresh and new. Venetian Collectibles items are individually born through the hands of artists who create from the deepest desires, passions and love in their hearts!
 by Lita-Maria Rheaume
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